Post-Event Survey





Part One

Overall, how
satisfied were you with your experience of the LNG2019 conference?

1.1 Please rate your objectives in order of importance.
Hear from senior-level speakers on strategic topics

Learn from the technical content of programme

Learn from the commercial content of programme

Visit the exhibition to see new technologies and services

Meet existing customers and partners

Meet new customers and partners

Review your competitors

1.2 Which of your objectives did you achieve? (Select all that apply)

1.3 How likely are you to recommend the LNG X series of events to an industry colleague?

Part Two

Conference Programme

2.1 What
were the highlights of the conference programme for you?

a) Best Speakers

b) Best Sessions

2.2 Do you think there should be more or less strategic, commercial or
technical content in the conference topics?

Strategic content

Commercial content

Technical content

2.3 Which
three topics would you like to see appear at LNG 2022 in Saint-Petersburg
, Russia?




2.4 Which companies or countries would you like to see represented on the programme at LNG 2022?

2.5 Are the sessions engaging?

2.6 How can we improve the programme format? (Select all that apply)

If Other, please specify

2.7 What would you change about the networking opportunities available at LNG2019?

Part Three


3.1 What did you think of the following
organisational aspects of LNG2019?
Conference organisation

Networking opportunities

Speaker management

Sponsorship management


Registration service

Conference communications / marketing

3.2 Do you have any comments or recommendations on how we can improve our services?

Part Four

4.1 Have you attended any IGU events? (select all that apply)

4.2 Where would you like to see the LNG X series of events take place?

4.3 What other gas industry events do you regularly attend?

If other, please specify

4.4 What are the one or two most important things we can do to improve our next event for you? We value your honest feedback.

4.5 We would be delighted if you could provide a positive testimonial for LNG2019

4.6 Do you give your consent for us to use this testimonial in promotional materials for future LNG X events?