YANG Hua - Chairman - China National Offshore Oil Corporation


China National Offshore Oil Corporation

Honorary President
LNG2019 National Organising Committee


Born in May 1961, Mr YANG Hua graduated from China University of Petroleum (the former East China Petroleum Institute) with a Bachelor in Petroleum Production Engineering in August 1982. He received an MBA degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in May 2004. He is a Sloan Fellow of MIT and professor-level senior economist.

Mr Yang joined CNOOC in August 1982 and had served in a number of positions including Manager of Field Development Department of CNOOC Research Center, Deputy Chief Geologist and Deputy Director of Overseas Development Department of CNOOC, President of Overseas Oil & Gas Corporation Ltd., and Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, President, CEO, Vice Chairman of CNOOC Ltd., and Assistant President of CNOOC. In April 2010, Mr. Yang took the position of Vice President and Party Leadership Group Member of CNOOC. In August 2011, he took the position of CNOOC Director and President.

Since April 2015, he has served as Chairman of the Board and Secretary of Party Leadership Group of CNOOC. In May 2015, he took the position of Chairman of the Board of CNOOC Ltd. and from June 2016 to April 2017, he also served as CEO of CNOOC Ltd.