John Mak - Senior Fellow - Fluor
United States of America

John Mak

Senior Fellow


John Mak has over 45 years of experience specialising in onshore and offshore gas processing for many different processes including LNG liquefaction and regasification, gas processing plants, refinery units, petrochemical plants, and power generation plants. His specialties include the processing for CO2 removal from high pressure gases, gas processing plants using deep dew-pointing process, turbo-expander plants, high propane and ethane recoveries. Other processing units include condensate stabilization, nitrogen rejection, carbon dioxide recovery, and cryogenic fractionation processes.

He holds over 80 technology patents in gas processing technologies which have been published and presented at many technical conferences. Mr. Mak is the co-author of 1st Edition “Handbook of Liquefied Natural Gas” in November 2013, and the latest updated 4th Edition of “ Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing” in October 15, 2018. These two books describe some of the latest innovations in LNG plants, and gas processing, which are published by Elsevier Publishing.