Hamad Al-Karbi - Senior Project Manager - Qatargas Operating Company Ltd

Hamad Al-Karbi

Senior Project Manager
Qatargas Operating Company Ltd


Mr. Hamad Al-Karbi was appointed as Senior Projects Manager of RasGas Company Limited on 1st February 2016 leading the Major EPC projects for RG. Prior to this, Mr. Al-Karbi held key positions in RasGas Projects department such as Helium 2 Business Manager & Train 6&7 Static Equipment Lead.

Currently Mr. Al-Karbi as SPM is responsible for projects including Treated Industrial Process Water (TIPW) and Helium 3 Projects. He is also dedicated to implementing and promoting the highest safety standards across all projects activities.

Mr. Al-Karbi participated in several oil and gas conferences and delivered a presentation as part of the IPTC Excellence in Project Integration Award for IPTC held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on December 2014. This award was for one of RasGas’s largest and most ambitious ventures.

Overall, Mr. Al-Karbi has over 15 years experience in the oil and gas industry and has a multidisciplinary technical and business background, which includes surface facilities, engineering, project development & execution. Mr. Al-Karbi has also been a keynote speaker at a variety of Conferences and Forums in Qatar and internationally.